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Invest in precious metals (SoundMoney )Gold, silver plus coins and Digital Currencies

Visit our coin shop in Billings, MT at 24th and Broadwater @ 708 24th St. W

Never has there been a better time to diversify your retirement portfolio with precious metals or crypto than now!
With inflation and gas prices at an all time high, the VALUE of the American dollar is slowly depleting. If you look at gold, silver and collectable coins over the last 50 years, you seen an astounding RISE in cost of purchasing these items, hence the name of Sound money!

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Diversity is essential in investing

Everyone's heard the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." By dividing your assets into multiple types of investments, you can minimize the risk of taking a major loss. Which investments can we help you set up? The experts at our coin shop have years of experience with coin collecting and cryptocurrency mining. We look forward to helping you accumulate virtual and physical investments, so check out a cryptocurrency workshop today!

Don't let your investment's success depend on the performance of one or two assets - consult a knowledgeable coin dealer to teach you how to diversify your portfolio today.

Start stacking gold, silver or coins today or add to your existing collection by learning the value of "NEW" coins vs. the old coins, and why coins appreciate faster than just bullion alone!

Stop by our coin shop in Billings, MT @ 24th St. & Broadwater (next to Softie's) 708 24th St. W.

Maybe collecting coins has always been a passion of yours. Or maybe you've always thought about becoming a numismatist, and building a FORTUNE with gold and silver like the pirates of old did! Either way, you should visit Palmer's Consulting Group, LLC. Our coin & crypto shop is based in Billings, MT. But we do more than just sell limited edition gold and silver and even platinum coins. We offer the chance to build a huge retirement nest egg by becoming a novice collector, with the help of a team of experts (with decades of experience) that will pick out the hottest coins in today's ever changing market. You can buy retail or become a member of our 7k international COIN CLUB, which then gives you the opportunity to collect some of the rarest coins being minted today at WHOLESALE prices! Which you can turn around and sell immediately for an instant PROFIT! Example; is a 5 oz. pure silver Ben Franklin coin released back in May of 2021 that sold for $699 (wholesale through 7k coin club), is now selling for around $1500, less than a year later at retail, because of a super low mintage of 776 coins ever produced in the world! This gorgeous coin is an example of the artwork forged in precious metals, never before available because of new minting technology that never existed until NOW!
We also teach investors about the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. With so many cryptocurrencies to chose from, it's no easy task. You need an expert to keep you from wasting your time and money on crypto's that just don't make any sense. With around 7,000 to choose from it's almost impossible to go it alone and have much success.
So quit wasting time procrastinating and call 406-850-4060 to schedule your FREE appointment at our next workshop to learn more! Hurry in, this is a limited time offer, before long there will be a $20 registration fee for these incredibly valuable investment training sessions. Whether you come now for FREE or pay $20 later, we will PAY YOU in cryptocurrency tokens for attending the full workshop on both sound money & digital currency! There is NO COST to you at all right now to attend and start your retirement retirement package in cryptocurrency while our FREE workshops are being offered! If that isn't a crazy enough incentive to call now?? We will show you HOW to "mine" that crypto with just your phone, no computer or expensive additional hardware needed as with bitcoin, etc. That means with ZERO out of pocket expenses you can start building your dream of what to do with a million or more dollars in your retirement portfolio that could come from building a digital currency war chest! Once again, this is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Don't delay and miss your chance to take care of your family for generations to come by attending these "once in a lifetime" classes!
Call 406-850-4060 TODAY!!!

On the hunt for a special coin?

Building up your coin collection or cryptocurrency portfolio can be both fun and rewarding. Our on-site coin dealers are partnered with roughly 30,000 business associates worldwide who can assist with buying and selling, or trading the coins you want at the price you want to pay!




Want to learn how to "mine" cryptocurrency without buying any? Call 406-850-4060 now to find out when our next free seminar will be held.